Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The June Glossy Box

Apologies it's been such a long while since I have blogged a beauty box lovlies.
I have studiously taken lots of photos but never quite got round to doing the write ups.
My June Glossy Box arrived yesterday, as did many other subscriber's boxes and as the owner/founder of Beauty Box Swaps I couldn't help but notice the resulting controversy and outcry.
This reaction and my own impressions of the box have inspired me to finally get round to writing a beauty box review.
First of all I was amused by the cheeky Glossy Box spin on the contents card 'We all know lugging around heavy luggage can be a pain but this summer you can jet around like a pro and lighten the load with the gorgeous miniatures found inside your GLOSSYBOX. Did they really mean? 'Sorry if the contents of your box look a bit sparse this month and we were unable to provide the majority of you with any full size products
Want to know which of the controversial box variations I received? Read on below:

GLOSSYBOX Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
The only full-sized product in this months box is a GLOSSYBOX branded brush. I have only ever bought one make-up brush in my life this one. Otherwise I have relied on receiving them as gifts I have a body shop set off my sister Minibreak Mummy some Celia Birtwell brushes off my sister Hannah and some Cosmopolitan brushes off my sister-in-law. I also own the Jolie Box concealer brush from you guessed it Jolie Box & the Japonesque smudger brush from Carmine. Make-up brushes always come in handy I find. Also as I am not vegan I personally have no ethical concerns about this brush being made from goat hair it will not put me off using it. I agree it does currently have an odour (if you hold it close to your nose), does it smell of goat? what does a goat smell like anyway? I've fortunately not been close enough to one to find out ;-) to me it has a smell reminiscent of leather however I am certain once I've washed it with Dr Bronners magic soap and used it a couple of times it will smell the same as all the other random brushes in my collection. Should this have been a beauty box item? or an extra gift? I personally rate it at a higher value than the free compact mirror in the birthday box. What's your opinion? In mine it's a keeper.

MEMEME COSMETICS Sensuous Nail Gloss
5ml bottle. I tried the colour on my toe nails and it didn't offend me. I will now use it on my fingers and share the results with you (as I am not so cruel to inflict pix of my toes on you readers). My verdict is that I like the polish and will keep it and use it. It is not a colour I would normally choose as I am a fan of candy/barbie pinks. Although I am not in love with this polish it is wearable and I can see it working well with Ciate Beach Melba for nail art purposes. Did you get this polish? Have you tried it, what's your opinion? it's a keeper for me.

BM BEAUTY Summer Warmth Bronzer
1g pot. I am getting quite a collection of mineral cosmetics from beauty boxes see pic below from my album in the Beauty Box Swappers group. I am actually coming round to the idea of trying these products rather than swapping them. Once upon a time this would have been an automatic swap but I'm curious about minerals so another keeper for me. When I tried this product I was again reminded how fiddly and messy minerals can be especially in the hands of someone who is a bit of a messy clutz who's dad didn't call her Paddington Bear for nothing. Is it just me or does this bronzer look a bit metallicky looking? What did you think? This is a keeper for me if only for further mineral make-up experimenting. 

CAUDALIE Eaux Fraiches
10 ml spray. I got the yellow one and yes I agree with Jo BeautyandtheBooks that when you first apply the perfume it does bare a resemblance to lemony toilet cleanser. I may swap this product because I don't really love it or need it & they seem desirable and collectable to some beauty box swappers so it seems daft to hold onto it when it will be more appreciated and likely to be used elsewhere. I would be interested to try the pink and the green versions if anybody wishes to swap or send me a perfumed hanky or note ;-)  This one is a swapper for me, any takers?

VICHY Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick
6 x 1g samples. Since I have been working on a beauty counter I have become more self-conscious/vain about my appearance. I find that as the day goes on my high coloured nose, surrounding area and chin tend to start to show through my carefully applied layers of make-up. So I am really interested to try this and if I like it I will buy it or possibly do what I usually do if I like a beauty box product and swap like crazy for it. The kit is a good idea in my opinion because if you like the product you can colour match in the comfort of your own home. I can also see it being useful in an MUA kit as a swapping sister mentioned in her blog. I have just tried this product in the OPAL shade on half of my face and I am quite impressed. Do you rate this product? or can you recommend any alternatives? In the meantime Glossy Box scores another keeper for me and appreciation at them introducing me to a problem solving product.

The ones that got away... I would have been thrilled with the HD Tweezers as I don't own a pair so they would have been very useful. I would have been happy to receive the Paul Mitchell Conditioner as I have two daughters who are both growing their hair so conditioner always comes in handy in the Brown household even if it doesn't prove a hit with me. Both these products would have automatically qualified as keepers for me.

Although this month's box was, in my opinion, by no means a wow box, on reflection, it has been an overall success for me. This conclusion is gauged on the fact that I have tried all the products this month and I am only planning on letting one of them go and that's only because I think it will be appreciated more by one of my Beauty Box Swaps community members.

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  1. That nail polish was awful.After 6 coats it was still streaky. To get an even coverage had to layer it with a base ie. base colour, base, colour and then chipped very easily. Did think they made nail polish this bad any more. I thought the brush was a piss take. not impressed with the quality or that it counted as one of my five items. The other items were ok ( i got the same box as you). I have unsubscribed because this boxes are not what they claim to be. I love she said beauty and I'm going to give jolie box a go.

    1. I only needed 2 coats but I always do a coat each of Trind Nail Repair & Ciate Underwear xx

  2. Maybe I just got a duff bottle then. I did give a good shake abd tried a different brush and it was a little better. Shame because I quite liked the colour and I didn't tin my glossy box was bad (though nothing wow) until i tried that and the I was like -_- oh.