Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beauty Box Swaps Loves: Pure Age Defiance Wipes

I use these wipes every day. They are the best wipes ever!
My lazy girls routine is wipe face with these vitamin E enriched wipes then apply BIOeffect. The wipes are effective at removing make-up and leave my skin looking and feeling good.  I repeat this ritual every morning and some evenings.
A good friend of mine recommended these wipes to me, she suffers from eczema, and she says they can be relied upon not to irritate her sensitive skin.
You can buy 2 packets of these wipes for a £1 from poundland. These would be my preferred wipes regardless of the cost.
You may recall I referred to these wipes in my first impressions review of the August Glossy Box.
The name of these wipes also amuses me. I initially misread the packet and assumed they were called something more expected such as age defence. I smile to myself as 'I think I am defiant in the face of aging'.

First published on my original blog The Adventures of Lucy Brown.


  1. I found these wipes through you! I love them too x

  2. Hi,

    Please check out my giveaway. :-)

  3. Ooo these sound like they work good!