Monday, 16 January 2012

Beauty Box Swaps 'record breaking' Secret Valentines Gift Swap

Please bear with me while I tentatively re-discover the art of blogging and get used to Blogger.
Some of you will know I started out my blogging journey on Wordpress with encouragement and practical coaching from my sister a.k.a minibreak mummy.
I have made the switch to blogger because it seems more straightforward to get some advertising on my blog this way. Have other bloggers found this?

I am very excited about the future for Beauty Box Swaps. Spring this year should see the birth of with a holding page in place by February in time for my 40th birthday.

The facebook Beauty Box Swaps page is buzzing with excitement about our Secret Valentines Gift Swap. This is the first recorded swap of it's kind and a formal application has been made to the Guinness Book of Records for adjudication as a new world record.
How does it work? You get assigned a recipient and send them a lovely gift for Valentines suggested value £5. In return you get a gift from your own secret admirer. 
Secret Valentines was the genius idea of Sarah Louise Smith, a popular and reliable beauty box swapper, who recently got promoted to admin in recognition of the value she adds to the Beauty Box Swaps community.
Secret Valentines is for everybody single or in a relationship. It recognises the universal joy of giving and receiving gifts.
Beauty Box Swaps loves presents!!! Did I mention it's my birthday soon ;-)


  1. Hi Lucy and welcome to your new blog!
    Good luck your 'secret valentine' too

  2. Woooooop!! Good luck with the new blog! I love BBS! x

    Secrets Of A Trolley Dolly.

  3. This was such a great idea! Check out my blog I wrote about this in a recent post!!