Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New thirty-one make up bag

Yesterday I went to TK Maxx with my sister Ruth aka Minibreak Mummy. I found a most excellent make up bag by a company called thirty-one. I succumbed to the bag because I loved everything about it. They had thought of everything, so many zips, pockets & removable inner bags.
When I returned home, with my find, my husband challenged me by saying 'I bet you can't fit all your make up in your (beauty) boxes in that bag'. 
the empty bag
removable inner bags
existing make up storage
getting organised
with the removable inner bags
8 boxes of make up tidily tucked up 
in one most excellent cosmetics bag :)


  1. Wow! Extremely impressive!!

    Not just a really gorgeous make-up bag but bigger on the inside than the outside (rather like the Tardis in Doctor Who)

    I'll be looking out for one in my local TK Maxx

    1. tbh I did leave some stuff out (by way of filtering & sorting), but it would have all fitted had I not been so ruthless. There are still some empty pockets!!

  2. Your makeup collection makes me drool. All those gorgeous blushers! xx

    1. Thanks Annie :) & to think I only discovered blusher in the last couple of years xx

  3. I wish I could fit mine in a bag like this! It's a gorgeous hold-all though, good spot!

  4. I would love to see your make-up collection Sara. I did think twice about buying the bag as it cost £14.99 and pennies are super tight at the moment, but my sister's reaction to the bag convinced me I would regret it if I didn't (she wanted it too!). I am really glad I spotted it and brought it home xx

  5. Oh wow nice bag and well done for fitting it in. what did you win from your bet then? ;)