Tuesday, 7 August 2012

TK Maxx Haul, NOTD, Essie Matte Top Coat (the educational value of Beauty Box Swaps)

I seem to have become rather addicted to the cosmetics section in TK Maxx. At first I was just content to mooch just to see what was there. However in my last 2 out of 3 visits in the space of one week, I have succumbed to making purchases. My most recent purchase was my Tardis like Thirty-one make-up bag. However just a couple of days before that I had my first TK Maxx beauty haul:
new cid i-powder extra light £7.99
Tk Maxx Essie 3 pack assorted £9.99

Currently celebrating the first anniversary of my Facebook page Beauty Box Swaps, and it's associated groups Beauty Box Swaps (open) & Beauty Box Swappers (closed), I have once again been reminded of it's educational value.
Since monthly subscription beauty boxes were invented (and shortly when I created Beauty Box Swaps) both my enthusiasm for and knowledge of Beauty has steeply increased. 
I love the fact that you can one day not know that Matte Top Coats exist, then read an informative, Three Little Buhos, blog post by lovely Annie John who shared her post (including Elf matte top coat) to Beauty Box Swaps educating myself that such a marvel has been created. Inspiring me to do some some 'research' on google & unearth several further options including: Ciate, Essie, Nails Inc, Rimmel. Leading to further investigations when out in Bury, the home of Beauty Box Swaps, on a mini birthday meet up. Selflessly Introducing, Beauty Box Swaps Biker Chick Carol Harris, to Bury TK Maxx to spot a set of 3 Essie items including their 'matte about you' top coat. Well I'm sure you'll agree this purchase was meant to be :)
I initially tried the top coat on my existing polish which at the time was Leighton Denny Porcelain Doll on just one nail *restrained*. Then because I am lazy I waited patiently until my nails needed doing again before having a proper experiment. 
I decided to kill to birds with one stone and also test out E-NUFF is E-NUFF. Being mainly a fan of candy pinks this is not a colour I would normally have chosen. However I do quite like this colour especially with the addition of a genius matte top coat. It looks somehow kind of vintagey 1950sey.
glossy nails compared to matte
Essie E-NUFF is E-NUFF with two
coats of Essie Matte about you

Have you tried matte top coat? Where did you discover it? What have you learnt through Beauty Box Swaps? 

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