Monday, 5 November 2012

Beauty Box Swaps Sunday 4

Sorry I'm a tad late with my Beauty Box Swaps Sunday post this week. I either seem to be at college or work these days and squeezing in a smattering of socialising in any rare time off.
However even though I really ought to be writing assignments for college (with another two due in this week) I wanted to make the effort to keep the momentum going and participate in Beauty Box Swaps Sunday.
Also as something pretty momentous happened this week in Beauty Box Swaps history I wanted to document this in a blog post.
Yay we got mentioned in the press, not my local paper The Bury Times and not by a national paper/magazine. Omg we only went and got mentioned in The New York Times!!!
Wow :-D


  1. Wow ! Impressive :) Well done you !

    1. Thanks Uknitty I was besides myself with excitement when I found out :-) xx